And there you have it. Happy birthday Liv!

And there you have it. Happy birthday Liv!


“Child of the 90’s” via Internet Explorer

I was loving this video and then it got to the end and I was like




After the Pluto’s demotion from planet-status, astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson received hate mail from thousands of elementary school children. Images via PBS

Well kids, I guess you can add me to the Pluto-hatin’ club. I’ve got your back Dr. Tyson!

If Pluto landed on Earth, it would only stretch from California to Kansas. It’s smaller than our own Moon and half ice. It orbits more like a comet than a planet. It has more in common with the members of the icy and distant Kuiper belt than the larger planets. In fact, it could take the cake as Kuiper king, Emperor of dwarf planets. Don’t hate me, folks. Science is an ever-evolving tapestry, and that tapestry has 8 planets :)

adorable off the radar

take THAT, plutonian scum!



i don’t think i will ever fully understand why the crosshawk is a thing that exists


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know who started the trend?

this guy.

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